Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Birthday celebration

Wow, look at that glow! C said he needed to get the extinguisher just in case, goofy guy!
The joy of "magic" candles that continuously re-light. Danielle and I had fun trying to catch them unlight to put them in water.

January 7th was my birthday and I chose to celebrate it quietly and humble, giving thanks to The Father for giving me life. Days past I wasn't grateful, yet as time has gone on and I've learned who God is and that I'm here for Him and His greater plan, I've come to a humbly appreciate my place in it all. He is so loving and is always holding us in His palm. He knows EVERYTHING we do. He even knows I have a neighbor that has experienced a youthful life somewhat similiar to mine and neither of us knew until we decided to get together over dinner. My Father is so awesome, He knows what I need and just when to give it. He loves you too, and is just waiting for you to come to Him in prayer and share with Him your hurts and ask Him for the things your heart desires. Now, that doesn't mean we will get it...if it is His will we will get what we desire, but in His time. I've learned to tailor my desires to "if this will bring Him glory." If it doesn't, I don't want it either.

Hmm, started on my birthday and the Holy Spirit took over. I'm grateful to be a servant of the King.

So, for birthday supper we ate grilled Turkey burgers, sliced sweet potatoes - grilled (yum), and steamed broccoli, seasoned. And for desert - since I don't eat dairy, wheat or sugar..in anything, I made this wonderful Brownie mix using ground pecans and carob powder. My family enjoyed it as well with me, and even seconds (that tell's me it wasn't that terrible ;-) And of course what's always in my hand, a warm cup of tea.

I wasn't so fond of all the glow on the "cake", but it was heartwarming looking at all the years that I have celebrated and being grateful for the Father loving me through them all and all the choices I've made.

God's peace be with you today~



HomemakerAng said...

Happy Birthday Dee! You look beautiful. If I could go gray as beautifully as you are I WOULD! but its not like that for me... I meant that in the truest form of a real compliment too! You have pretty hair...

Regarding the cold, welcome to my world for 36 years! Today its like 15 with a -20 windchill. Winter snow warning last night and winter snow storm today! We have to drive in this too... all the time! thats why 55 to me seems pretty warm, shorts and all when I used to wear them! now its capris :)... I never got back to you regarding how to stay warm but we heat 100% with wood... its the hottest heat around and saves oodles of $. It would be over $350 a month to heat this place with gas, now its free...

wear anything wool you can and do it in layers, including socks. You will get used to it in a few winters, your blood actually changes to thicker someone told me. dont know if its true...

i would love to take someone from costa rica that has never left there and get them off a plane here! they dont have a clue :)

Lindsay said...

Happy Birthday Dee! We miss you! I am now working at GraceWay with Liz and Debbie. It is wonderful. Please keep GraceWay and it's mission in your prayers!
Grace & peace.