Monday, January 28, 2008

Weekend events

We had several events that I am grateful for and wanted to write about them. My husband is part of a men's group that meets every Saturday morning. This past Saturday the Spirit moved many men, and my husband was one of them. He came home with this awe about him, telling me how he has realized his role as husband and protector. I don't mean physical protector, I mean spritual protector. As we sat at the table over coffee & tea ;-) , he explained to me how his choices that allow "seeds" to be planted in his spiritual garden actually leaves gaping holes where evil can attack us, and me. While he explained this and how it is his job, the job that the Father gave him, to weed out all the seeds and to guard his garden, and in essence encourage me to guard mine. This spiritual act of protection, also protects me as his wife from evil coming into my life. I have learned that the enemy uses me as a woman because I am weak. I sometimes listen to the lies until it's already a weed in my garden. Then it takes the Spirit to reveal this to me, then me to own up to what I've done, and begin the work of weeding it out with the Father's help. Thanks be to God for His mercy and love.

Hence, if we lift each other up while keeping in mind our goal as husband and wife is to live and encourage the other so their soul gets to heaven, we can be watchful of our garden.
Our second event was attending a murder-mystery play. It was small, only 40-50 people, but how fun. Our group was discussing together all the possible conclusions. The audience was allowed to interview the "suspects", that was fun too. All in all, it ended up being the obvious, the deceased's fiance did it out of jealousy! Ha! It was good entertainment for $5.

Our Lord's Day was fabulous. We had made a decision several weeks ago that we would not get on the computer for the day. It seems to take away from the focus of a day of rest while focusing on the Father. So, though C had homework, we stayed with our commitement AND got to enjoy some time with Danielle. She came home for a couple hours to do laundry. The Lord is working in her as well, praise God. She is growing and changing, with out my "help". That's another post for another day. I will end with the slogan "Live and Let Live" as this keeps the focus on me and allows God to work in others' lives as He see's fit.

God's peace~



HomemakerAng said...

hello friend! Are you surviving winter? I put a post movie up today about how bad our road and weather is here! I thought you might enjoy it :)

Anonymous said...

So true, Dee. We stand in the gap for each other. We have had a lot of that going on here, as well. The Lord has been showing us, through the book of Ephesians mostly, the authority we have, being seating with Jesus in the heavenlies. Authority FAR above all principality, power, might and dominion, and EVERY NAME THAT IS NAMED!!! He has given that authority to us! Now, we need to take back what the enemy has stolen, and come against him, in Jesus name. Blessings to you and dear hubby!