Monday, February 11, 2008

A stitch in time

My sewing buddy (he's talking to C as he takes the pic!)

Carefully stitching while thinking of the patches in the quilt.

This past weekend I was able to get to some much needed repairs on a quilt that I have. My grandmother made this many years ago (before I was around) and used bits and pieces of fabric from her clothing and my dad's clothing. What a treasure. Ever since I inherited a box that had her linens in it I have had this on my bed to use on those cold nights. Needless to say, here in Ohio those nights are often. This morning it was all of 7 degrees here!! Thanks be to God for my quilt.

I also find it comforting when I'm sick, or just want to rest with a cup of tea. The stitching required was much needed as some of the fabric is starting to wear thin. Some patches aren't the most professional, but it is holding it together nicely and I can get many more years of use out of it again.

As I sit and repair this quilt, I can't help but look at how wasteful I've been with some clothing for the kids and us. If we don't like it or it's worn out, how many have I just donated to tossed when the fabric could be used to make a memory such as this wonderful quilt my grandmother sewed with love. It has allowed me some time to ponder those items we dearly love and don't want to toss. What better use for them than to cut pieces of fabric and start collecting them for a quilt!

~God's peace be with you today,



HomemakerAng said...

ahh shucks! i was that close and missed you! ok, let me tell you, it was WARM to us in OHIO! yes WARM! we didnt wear coats when we first arrived. it was -25 here! and HORRIBLE snow storms calling a civil emergency while we were away! i knew you would appreciate this weather comment i am leaving because it is much colder from my neck of the woods so you can rest assured it is warmer were you are, not southern warm like you are used to but warmer... :)

Dawn said...

What a blessing it is you know how to do sewing type things. :) My mama never taught me as she didn't know how either.

Once we get moved and settled, I plan on learning basic sewing things. I used to cross stitch a long long time ago, but I can't even remember how to do that now!

I have friends in Ohio that say it's really frigid there.
Here in Germany it's in the upper 40's and it will probably reach 50 degrees by this weekend. We didn't have much of a winter in our area of the country.
I love the snow and we didn't get that here...ugh... oh well!