Saturday, February 02, 2008

The blessing of herbs

I have read in the Bible several times, the Lord gives us herbs for our needs. Today, I am Praising the Father for the herbs He has provided for me. I have come down with the "Steubenville crud" as many folks around here so lovingly state. Actually I think it's just a mild flu, no fever - again thanks be to God. So what happen's when the wife is down and out....

My loving husband steps up to help and plays nurse, all while exercising lots of patience as I tend to get short tempered when I'm sick. I love you C! Thank you for all your hard work today and nursing me back to health.

Part of this process is keeping all other family members from getting sick. That means my loving C has gotten his daily dose of Emergen-C, Echincea 2x/day and his multi vitamin. For me,oh the list.

Thursday I started with: extra Vit. C, GSE 2x, and my special "Kill a cold" drink (see below)

Friday: The same above, but I added Oscillo... yes it really does work. By the evening my headache and body aches where almost gone. I did add probiotics right before bed.

Today: GSE, Oscillo.., and my special drink. The headache and body aches are gone now, but the cough and runny nose just won't take a hike, so I am keeping up the the "special" drink.

Many of you have seen this on my blog before. Every winter I give this recipe out, and as a friends husband said "well this oughta' kill somethin', hopefully not me!" Ha! But he drank it and was better by the next day.

Here's my recipe:

A warm mug of water

1 FRESH garlic (don't use the powder stuff that won't do diddly) - known to kill viruses

A little less that an 1/8 tsp. Cayanne - known to increase blood flow and can help expell mucus

If desired honey to taste (roughly 1/2 - 1 tsp.).

Crush the garlic into the mug, add the sprinkle of Cayanne and a touch of honey then sip, DON'T CHEW the garlic! That's important, that will keep you from having strong garlic breath.

One of these a day, no more then 3 days in a row. Usually only one is needed, unless you have the flu.

And Voila:

A potent drink that has chased away many a cold in our house. Aside from a cough, I am doing much better, in only 2 days. God is amazing. Now if I'll just park it and enjoy the rest, rather then trying to jump in and help so much. Hmm..I hear the pillow on the couch calling me.

God's peace be with you~

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