Friday, December 25, 2009

For Unto Us a Child Is Born...

Merry Christmas to you!

We have had a great day. We each have been blessed with gifts from family. Danielle's bo' must have been really good this year, he got 2 stockings!! (She helped Santa out with one of them). Christmas was really nice and dinner was way cool as my sister would say. We chose to have steaks for Christmas dinner. Something different yet something C and I really enjoy. Especially a good grass fed, slow cooked or seared steak. I was online looking up the right way to cook grass fed beef. I've learned DON'T cook it fast. You will end up with some of the toughest meat that would fatigue anyone's jaw muscles, trust me on this and don't ask why!

So I ran across a website that sells grass fed beef and they are gracious enough to have a chef on staff that posts articles and recipes for cooking grass fed beef. I found an article about cooking them in cast irons the way the pioneers used to. They didn't have refrigerators (?) to keep their beef cold, or lovely ovens to cook in or fancy grills. It was hot coals and a good iron! So this guy walks you through step by step and here's how it goes (trust me when I say keep a fire extinguisher near by, but trust in the technique. You won't be disappointed):

* Heat your oven and your cast iron (from here on out called "iron") on Hi broil for 15-20 min. Now I didn't do a typo and I haven't lost my mind. Oh wait, I'll hold that until the end.

* Now with welder's gloves pull your iron out and put it on the burner, that is already on high, for 3 minutes. Right before you put on the steaks put some oil in it that is NOT flameable, like coconut oil or we used bacon grease. Warning: do not use olive oil per chef.

*Now put on your steaks for 30 seconds each side. TIME IT!

*Take the whole iron & steak and put it back in the oven and broil for 3 min, each side. Believe me, it is worth the work.

*Pull it out and put it on the plate. The most important part that people don't do: DON'T cut it for 3-5 minutes. Let it rest so the juice stays in it.

I have never had a tastier, juicier, fantastic steak ever! Even all my years in Okinawa, and some of the best steakhouses. Never! Now I will say, my oven is a mess and the kitchen was smokey so we had to open up the windows, but will I do it again? You bet! Soon? No way!

We even made Danielle's bo' nervous, Ha! I'd say we did a good job. I think God was patient while C and I experimented. :-)

We have much to celebrate on this Christmas day! Things like a good steak that God gave us, family arrived safely, good health, a roof over our head and shoes on our feet. And windows (see post above).

I wish you a Merry Christmas and God's peace, mercy and loving forgiveness to be with you.

~ Dee

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