Thursday, December 31, 2009

Reviewing the past two seasons

I have been out of the blogging world for sometime. Circumstances have been such that my mind and heart have not been in it. But as I regain ground and I look to myself and the things that bring me joy or things in the past that have brought me joy...blogging is one of them. I have just a few blogs I enjoy and read often, it's funny how I consider them friends even though we've never met.

In light of looking back through some of my pictures I have a handful of events over the past few months that I really would like to share. I hope you enjoy them and I will try to keep it brief (Me? brief? my husband would fall over laughing. But shhh, don't tell him I said I can be brief.)


C's birthday! We had BBQ Beef ribs, and he was one happy camper!

Our windows before the replacements were put in. Wood frames, counter weights in the side soiled with soot from a past coal heating system (before we owned the house). They were beautiful, built in 1927, but leaked air like crazy. Last winter I watched my blinds move on the INSIDE of my house when the wind blew outside. Praise God for the money to buy new windows! My house is warm this winter thanks to Him and C's hard work.

Out with the old leaded glass windows.

C holding a counterweight before it was taken out.

There's the new. Oh I could just hug them!!!

Have you ever seen a house with NO windows?

Tad-da! Brand spankin' new, no leaking, warm, lovely windows! Can you tell I like them. I thank God a lot for them.

Me and my lap buddy (or so he thinks) during morning prayer time.

Fall colors on my drive to Amish country to get some meat.

This was cool. Exact replicas of the Nina and Pinta, the two of the 3 ships Columbus sailed on, docked in Steubenville. They sail around the country so people and kids can see what it was really like to be on the boat he came over on. There is a man and his family in Africa I think, that still knew the trade for how the ships were built. So these were done the exact way, pine tar to make them float and all. It was really neat to be on, but I could never sail on one. Sea sickness is not my cup of tea. You can search for their web site, they take volunteers to sail with them. Each ship has a captain to guide the volunteers (no experience required).

I hope you enjoyed the journey over the past few months.

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