Monday, November 01, 2010


The cooler temperature and shorter days are the first signs of the changing seasons. Then there is also the desire of my body to slow down, stay inside (for the most part), and find a quiet peaceful routine to settle into for the winter. My body is also wanting more sleep.

I don't know much, but I do know, from my own experience, it sure seems like God knew what He was doing when He created the eb and flow of seasons and days. There is a reason we have the seasons. Our food is grown accordingly as well. It is so important to eat with the seasons and give into the needs of our body during changes. For me, that is the need for more rest and changing our meals to more warm and wholesome meals. And our days. Shorter days, longer nights. Morning, afternoon, evening. These all represent a time and a rythm. I am still working on a rythm for my home, but it's getting fine tuned as I go. Progress not perfection.

Fall creates a sense of crisp excitment for me. I never got to play in fall leaves growing up, so you know what I do three times a week when I go for my walk? Play in the leaves! Sometimes if C is with me I love to grab a handful and throw them at him...then run like crazy! It is a great time of year.

This is our tree. It's one of the last ones to change colors.

Our neighbor's tree, a true sign the season is changing.

My puppy! (I know, he's 4 he's not a puppy! But he will always be "puppy" to me.)

Me with Molly, my girl. Doing the final clean out of the herbs in the garden. She likes to come in and wonder around my garden while I work. Sometimes comes up close to see what I'm doing. I found out she likes the smell of Basil, but not the taste! Oh, you should have seen her face crinkle up when she tasted the Basil. "Ick!"

Molly, my garden helper, cuddler, hugger, and friend.

There are a few things changing that fits right into our seasonal changes. Here are a few:
*The garden is preped and ready for spring, sanz the carrots, spinach, kale and garlic.
*The clothes are changed out in our closets to reflect the changing needs of the season.
* The basket with all of our gloves, hats and scarves are out and by the door.
* The cars still need winterized.
* The patio furniture still needs covered.
*Our bathroom renovation is just opening up for serious consideration. We were waiting for winter since it's an inside job. But oh what a job it will be. More later on that.
*Menu's are changing to reflect the fall harvest: parsips, broccoli, potatoes, sweet potatoes, winter squash, carrots, apples (ooh..I have a great recipe for apple crisp that uses honey rather than sugar!), pomegranetes, and nuts. Mmmm. I think Hot cocoa should be on there too.
Happy Fall ya'll~

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Farmgirl Cyn said...

Hey Dee! It has been a while, eh? We are OK...facing a lot of challenges. Praise God for Jesus.