Saturday, November 06, 2010

Out and about

Last Saturday we went to Amish country (Sugarcreek, Charm, Berlin) mainly to go to Keim Lumber. If you live near, or are any where in the is worth the trip. I have never seen such a beautiful lumber store. Handmade doors, flooring amongst several other hardware norms.

We are preparing to renovate our bathroom and our contractor had us go to look for "inside" doors. While they are all beautiful, we have opted to use the door that we will lose when we combine 2 rooms. Our home is 87 yrs old and all the wood and doors are original. We are trying to keep it that way.

So, since we were there, I went ahead and got my chicken for the next many weeks, and made a stop at the bulk food store. The buggy in the picture is the norm there. Actually this day, there were also many "mini" open buggy's that ladies where driving with a donkey. Unusual, but still there were many.

Thought I'd share the picture. It's snowed here for the first time this morning. That time of year. Don't forget to turn your clock back!


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Farmgirl Cyn said...

We had little fits and spurts of snow yesterday, but it will be a couple of weeks before we see any real accumulation. That's OK with me, tho. Once it snows, I pretty much stay home!