Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Simple dinners

For several years my eating has been void of dairy, wheat, soy and sugar due to health reasons. And when I tell people that I get the strangest looks, usually with the comment "then what DO you eat?" I've posted some of that here before, but wanted to share a simple dinner.

Turkey stir-fry. Easy-peasy. Cut up turkey breast into bit size pieces and lightly cook, just until center is just a bit pink. Add a sprinkling of soy sauce (organic is best) and some garlic and already cooked rice. At the last second toss in some spinach (since that's what's in season right now, otherwise I like to green beans or peas.) Stir it all up with a dash of salt and pepper and add the finishing touch of fresh toasted walnuts! Viola! A tasty, filling and most important, nutritious meal.

I am a simple person. I like simple things, and most of all simple meals. I actually think complicated meals can create more problems (and stress) than necessary.

Something I read recently from a book Unplugged Kitchen (a favorite of High Desert Home). Viana La Place says in regards to simple cooking "It's like the difference between walking and driving. Driving may get you there faster. But walking opens up to the scent of a flower, observations of the veining in a green leaf, and the sheer joy of moving your body." She likens simple cooking to this way of life that many of us have lost touch with. We don't need all the fancy gadgets and electrical hoopla to make a good, nutritous meal.

I get rambunctious now and then, pulling out a recipe book to try some exotic recipe or plan for a fancy meal one night. Being that it's God's plan that actually happens, not Dee's, I run around at the last minute trying to cut corners or better yet trying to MAKE the meal happen. Frazzled, hurried, and hap-hazard the meal is served...at 7:00pm.

"Many of us suffer from mental stress and physical fatigue...a little pounding in the mortar might help you feel better...not in an agressive manor, but in a calming, rythmical way." Another gem from the book Unplugged. A calming rythmic way. How can creating a masterpiece with 16 ingredients, cook this, blend this, cook it some more, strain this, add this, and then bake for 2 hrs be calming and rythmic. It sure isn't to me.

Simple. Nice, but simple. That's me. Hmm, now if I can get my home in that state I'd be a happy girl.

Peace be with you!

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Elaine Shandra said...

Just saw your blog. If you're avoiding wheat altogether, then you'll probably want to give up the soy sauce as it's typically wheat based.