Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Afternoon Tea Party

                                          The biscotti's are already gone.  And were yummy!

This afternoon, for my birthday, my husband joined me for a simple tea party.  I pulled out my fancy tea cup I got for my birthday a few years ago, a tea pot Chris bought me while we were in Okinawa, and a silver plater from the Dollar Tree :-)  Love the Dollar Tree.  I served some amazing gluten-free chocolate biscotti's and we sat a visited in the sunshine here in our living room.  It was chilly outside but very warm inside in the sun.

I love having tea parties, even the simplest ones.  It is something I learned, the afternoon tea at 3pm portion, from a British lady across the street from me while I was growing up.  She had afternoon tea daily.  When I was young, I always enjoyed heading over to Blanche's house for tea in her garden with her boxer, Jeannie.  This was a frequent event in my life.  One year she made homemade applesauce for all the neighbors and I had told her (in the innocence of a child) I didn't like the peel in the applesauce.  The next season, she made one batch just for me with out peel.  What a sweet woman.

Recently I have been inspired to "dress up" my tea time from Lydia at Home Living.  She is a beautiful woman who inspires me to look differently at the feminine details of my home.  I have learned to set up my tea tray the night before or in the morning, complete with cloth napkin and a dish for my snack.  A very untraditional snack, since I need protein in the afternoons.  Having this ready gives me a boost and something to look forward too in the afternoon.  In particular, the reminder through the day to take a break!  Housekeeping and managing can run from the time the feet hit the floor until the time you drop into bed at night.  It's important to take time for yourself in the afternoon.

May your day be blessed with peace.


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