Thursday, January 08, 2015

Christmas Traditions fill our tree

Our ornament this year.                                                    

Danielle's bell.
We have taken down most of the Christmas decorations after the Epiphany (the 6th) except the manger scene.  It will stay up until Feb. 2nd. The traditional Presentation or also known as Candalmas.  This is the day to get a blessed candle from your priest/pastor, or make one of your own out of beeswax, to represent the Light of Christ for your family for the coming year.  Putting away the nativity scene and setting out the candle for Sunday dinners is our tradition.  A small reminder of the Light and being called to BE a light in a world of darkness.  To live in a way that supports our faith, not what the neighbor says we SHOULD be doing.  I usually go against the grain, most of the time.  I like traditional ways. I like to dress femininely.  And I like to talk about the Lord.  Most people will say, "oh don't say that you'll offend someone".  "oh, you shouldn't dress like that it makes others uncomfortable."  Well, tell them don't look!

We have an amazing tradition I started years ago with our family. Living in many places of the world while my husband was active duty, I collected an ornament from each place we lived.  We would sign the back and write the location and the year.  So my tree has become a memory tree for Christmas.  Ornaments from when I was in Girls Scouts as a little girl. Ornaments like the second picture, of a simple string of yarn and a bell.  There are several of these on the tree from when Danielle (my youngest step-daughter) was in 2nd grade and sang in a school musical. All the kids got to shake the bells during Jingle Bells!  How cute.  This always reminds me of that day.

This year being closer to family for the first time in years, the girls came over and showed husbands, boyfriends and grandkids all the ones they made and what the ornaments were for.  It was wonderful.  This year I couldn't find an ornament for where we live. This is a very old western town that is touristy because of the history, but no ornament.  It was just last Sunday after some of us stayed to clean up from Christmas mass that I found the gold crown ornament laying on a platform.  I had asked about it and the woman organizing the cleanup asked "didn't you get one" I had replied no.  She said then it was mine!  God is good!  I got my memory ornament, and we have signed the back and put the year and location.  Of course, there is a story with that one too now.  And it was free.

I hope you will look for a major event in your year to collect an ornament for your Christmas tree.  Start a new tradition and see what unfolds through the years.

Wishing you peace,


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