Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Taking Tea

Today during my daily break I made my self a tea tray with peppermint tea and a small snack.  I have found through the years many wise women encouraging an afternoon break of some sort before the evening meal and family time.  This gives the homemaker a bit of quiet time to herself.  A time to refresh her self.

Mine usually consists of a short rest and then making tea and a snack.  Sometimes I eat my snack and take my tea outside to just sit and enjoy the afternoon. Sometimes, as today, I sit in my living room and read.

The fascinating book I am reading is by Emily Barnes called " Simple Secrets to a Beautiful Home."  It is stiring the creativity in me, though I do better with pictures for examples, I am enjoyed a different perspective on tending the house.

Mrs. Barnes encouragement to make the home welcoming from the time you walk UP TO the door and inside, really has me looking at my overly plain entry.  There really is nothing there except a cute bench I found at a the Mission when we lived in Ohio.  A great place to start with stirring up some loveliness and sense of welcome.

As she writes about creativity, I find I alway lean towards the thinking "oh, she is talking about painting, or pottery, or the baskets I weave."  But really she goes to explain " you don't have to be an artist to infuse your home and life with creativity." I have struggled to find time to create for the home, create for gifts, and weave the baskets I enjoy making.  This particular chapter brings much joy if you look at it as creativity and be  brought into everyday life.  Whether it's how you arrange a center piece on the table, or re-arrange your furniture, or even making a tea tray for you daily break.

It's a fun way to be creative and give back to the One who created us.  In His beauty all around, the bits of creativity we do, even hand making a card for a family members B-day, these are all ways we can give back.

Check out these creative ways that these beautiful women give back:


Home Living

I hope you enjoyed a break and will consider bringing a bit of creativity in your day.


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