Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Independence Day 2007

I got this great idea from reading a magazine called Country Woman. Through the year collect the tourist type things from truck stops or friends who have traveled all across this great nation of ours and use them to decorate your 4th of July table. Most of mine are covered, though if you click on the picture you will see my favorite. An orange from Florida, with a happy face.

We had an event today that could have been tragic, but praise God, it all turned out well. Late this afternoon, Sasha, Danielle's little 3, got hit by a car in front of our house. Danielle was at the curb taking out boxes and Sasha wondered into the street. She went under the car, but through the middle. When we all got to her, the driver was histerical and Sasha was stiff as a board. We had to take her to Urgent Vet Care 30 min from here and prayed over her the whole way. The vet took X-rays and said he couldn't find any internal injuries or broken bones. She got a steroid shot to keep brain swelling down, but she was fine. We pray again coming home and by Friday night at dinner she was playing and running with our 2 Boxers. She showed no signs of being hit by a car. God is so awesome. We just sit back in amazement when we remember how in shock she was and 2 days later playing tug of war with our white boxer. Just amazing what God can do.

God's peace.

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