Monday, July 02, 2007

Moving Day

Chaos! Sheer Chaos. That is the best way to describe moving. "Honey have you seen the pliers?" "No check in the 3rd box down in the den." Oh the joys of moving, Praise God that He has planned all this and all we have to do is the work. Otherwise Chaos + my planning = God getting a good giggle. Take a look...

This is what we took in the U-haul, after the movers left. (one word - downsizing)

Our family at 4:30 am on the day we drove out. Okay, check out Danielle on the left and take note. I'm a morning person.

Danielle and I drove the truck, Chris drove the U-Haul towing Danielle's '71 VW...for the whole drive this was our view.

Molly in the back is not liking this car trip. She says PLEEEAAASEE let me out of this vehicle.

Koda driving the U-haul...kidding. Chris went inside so Koda decided to dream.

Okay, here ya go. 20 hours later, yes you read that correctly, 20 hours later and several stops that were a 6 ring circus we made it. Okay remember the note I told you to take earlier, check out Danielle now. Who's the night owl in the family? Not me!

God's peace.

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