Saturday, July 14, 2007

Living Simply

Yesterday I was reading a friends blog, Lindsay, and I discovered something called Freecycle. It is awesome. It's like a yard sale online, but free. The requirement is you offer things...for free and you can take things for free. Check it out I've joined the 2 in my surrounding area and am watching for a couple things I need, like a cabinet to put the rest of my dishes in until hubby can build my new ones.

This is such an awesome thing. I believe, and live it, that we should recycle as much as possible or give it to someone that can really use it. This group is just the place for some of the things I have stacked in the basement as part of our downsizing and learning to live more simply. A ceiling fan, some bar stool chairs, pictures, and a few odds and ends are going to be posted soon. What I don't post I plan on donated to the local resuce mission. How exciting to donate things that I don't use and know this will be a treasure to someone else. That is worth all the work to get the stuff there.

God's peace.

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