Friday, November 23, 2007

Being Thankful

I hope you all found something to be thankful for yesterday. The Lord is good and even in the rough spots, I have many things to be thankful for.

Yesterday we had a FEAST!! And the best part was I decided to make it more about family and friends, rather than the "fancy" stuff I've grown up with. Every year my mom would set out her best china and linens, for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I had started that because that is all I have known. The Lord is teaching me other things are more important. The love shared between family and friends, or just some hungry college students looking for a warm meal LOL!

I started to just do plastic & paper thanksgiving stuff, and decided at the last minute, not acceptable to me. I don't do the whole china thing, we used our everyday dishes. But I did bring out the good silver (I don't have service for that many in my everyday one's) and combined it with some Thanksgiving paper cups. It was an ecletic grouping, but it was me. We had food EVERYWHERE! I had to clear off the top to my desk in the corner of the dinning room to fit everything. It worked well. The big hit seemed to be the spiced apple cider in the crock.

Our menu:
Organic Turkey (yep, I pd the bucks for it but for our health it's worth it.)
Mashed potatoes
Sweet potato cassarole with peaches and a brown sugar/pecan mixture
Dee's sweet potato cassarole (no sugar no peaches)
Cranberry sauce (brought by two of the young men that came)
Dee's cranberry sauce (sweetened with -not enough- honey LOL)
Green been cassarole
Green beans
Corn w/ butter

and when it was all said and done:
Pecan pie
Pumpkin pie
Apple pie
and ice cream

I had some tea and a pumpkin pie version I tried. After 2 bites it was a goner, yuck. So out came my trusty and tastey Baked Spiced Walnut cookies.

All 5 left with a plate of leftovers and a pie. Except the turkey. I can use that for soups and stews.

I wish you all God's peace during this season.

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Tina~Danielle~Heather said...

hey mom,
just wanted to kno if i could get a copy of the sweet potato recipe you used this year ('08) at thanksgiving.
much love and prayers,