Friday, November 23, 2007

The gift of a snow dusting

Our porch at 6:30 this morning.

Chris captured this "kodak moment". Now you know what I look like when I'm outside every morning for my prayer time (minus my glasses, I took them off). I put my prayer blanket in the dryer to heat it up, light a candle (so my prayers go all the way to heaven) and inside my blanket is a warm cup of tea that rests on my chest/tummy, my journal and my Bible..and usually a flashlight b/c it's still dark out. My soul just rejoices when I'm outside to give God my first morning time. I love to be outside to start my day with Him.

This morning I went to the kitchen door to feel it and see if it was too cold to do my prayer time with the Lord outside. As I struggled to focus I saw white. Everywhere. In my excitement I went outside with my tea and started praising the Lord for such beauty. Yes it was cold, but the crisp white all on our porch, grill, roof tops and such was so white that it made me feel excited inside.

I grew so thankful and started telling the Lord about all that I was thankful for about the snow. It made me feel like the white and newness of a new season, how fitting for the day after Thanksgiving.

I decided to throw my "prayer blanket" in the dryer and sit outside anyways. Talk about distracting!!! I was telling God, how can I possibly pray or read my Bible with such beautiful snowflakes that were falling. Some landed on my prayer blanket, and some on my Bible pages or journal pages - which ever I had opened - and I was in awe at their beauty.

Each flake is so us. Some fell in two's, some single, some were so tiny that I could barely make out the middle of them. It was so exciting to see God's majesty working right in front of me. As I looked on the patio table I could see how they were piling up to make the snow. How awesome our Lord is!
And I'm thankful for a warm home to come inside to.
God's peace~

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Farmgirl Cyn said...

That first snow is so incredible! Everything looks so pure and white! But, I have to hand it to you Dee, outside for your time with the Lord??? I sit in the living room with my one cup of coffee and my feet propped up on the footstool!
Thanks for asking...we are settling in to a routine now with our grandson. Lots to seek the Lord about, that is for sure.