Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Snow flurries already?

I don't have a picture for you because it woudn't have turned out, but we had snow flurries yesterday! Right here where I live! I am excited yet already counting the months. The wind was VERY cold and I couldn't wait to get back home to some heat. We are looking into a wood burning insert since all we have is gas right now.

This is my first "winter" and I'm excited (nervous too). I don't know a lick about winters up here, just in the desert and in the south. The humidity in GA always made winter miserable, but winter lasts about 2-3 months down there. I spoke to a student on the campus this morning (went for my morning gym workout) and he said last year they had 19 days straight of snow, and 4 mths of weather below 50 degrees. FOUR MONTHS. Ok Ang, now would be a good time for "how to keep warm while running errands" tips.

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Leza said...

My solution to keeping warm in the winter? For me, it starts before I ever set foot into the frozen tundra! This is accomplished by pouring over gardening catalogs--even old ones(!); looking at *summer* photos taken, especially of our gardens and butterflies that we raise; and by telling everyone to *Think Spring*!!! :-) It makes it that much tolerable to actually go out into the cold!

Oh, and also delegating were I can--sending the kids out to get the mail and take the dog out! :-D

Yes, and I pray for early springs, especially since moving to northern Wisconsin--zones 3/4!!! I started out early in life in zone 6 in NY&NJ, then moved to zone 5 in IL, then to winters that the locals joke and say don't end 'til June!!!

Keep warm, God bless, and *Think Spring*!!! :-)