Thursday, January 15, 2009

Most of you know each morning I get up early and treasure the quiet time with the Lord. I journal some, read the Bible some, and read something from Al-Anon. This morning's time was cut a bit short and I came back later to sit and reflect. This is what came out of that reflection time and I feel I should share it with you.

A reflection from Matthew 24:36-51 ~

I see how Jesus is teaching me to live as if He were coming at any moment.

He warns us that we are to be on watch for we know not when the thief is coming in the night.

He also speaks of those drinking, partying and marrying as if the Lord's coming is long off. And warns us of this behavior.
Jesus is showing compassion for us. He wants us to have the eternal salvation God is giving us through His son Jesus. And He loves us so much that He is warning us, telling us point blank how to live our day.

Through the way Our Lord is towards us - should we not heed His warning?

We are all sinners, of which I am the greatest, but as long as we are striving to live our day according to God's commands, according to the behaviors and ways Jesus lived - we will show a love and desire to do right, and I believe God will have mercy. He loves us enough, do we love Him enough?

It is not easy. It is hard each passing moment -
To stay out of others affairs - yet be there with compassion and love when they need it.

To reach out with love and forgiveness to those who have hurt us time and again in the past - and possibly may do it again.

To open our arms to those who have only taken from us and never filled us when we needed it.

To NOT be a director over others lives - but to allow God to be their director.

God gives us the grace to do this.

It is our will, our choice, to do God's will and love our brothers and sisters, or to do our will and be lost and far from Him.

The awesome part is - He is always there should we wonder. Waiting for our return. Like a loving parent to a child who has wondered away to do what he or she wants. That parent loves them enough to let go and let them discover themselves - but is there when they come back. God does this for us. How can we turn away and say "I want to live this way not that. The Lord is coming but not today" to a God who loves us enough to give us warnings and offers the teaching we need to live.

Do we love Him enough to show Him through our actions today? Right now - in the next person that crosses our path?

I must practice today - keeping the things I have learned this morning - close to my heart and review in my mind often. Lest the events of the day lead me away. In chaos and confusion I will be lost, until I settle down tonight. With my head hung low becuase I forgot. I do the best that I can, but I know i could put forth a teesy bit more effort - to show gratiutde to the God of my understanding.

God's peace be with you today,

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Anonymous said...

Bless your kind heart for sharing your thoughts from your quite time with the Lord. He has been showing me a lot lately about how we are to live, one thing that stands out to me is that HE is so faithful, when we get out of line He gently but firmly shows us the right path. He is just too, He'll always show us why it's the best for us. It bugs me how people say, Christians can't do this and that when really it's that we don't want to because we know the damage those things cause.
God Bless u and ur family always.
Inge x