Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ice Day!!

Our front yard. It's a bit camera :-)

Today is an Ice day here, sort of like a snow day...only snow then ice. It is a mess. In all my life of living in the north-east (all of 1 1/2 yrs :-) I have never seen anything like it.

Yesterday it snowed 3-4 inches, then turned into rain. Only to wake up this morning to the 4 inches of snow completely ICED over. From the top it looks like a glaze on top, a shiney glaze. I will post a picture later.

So events of today:

-Chris' classes are all canceled.
-went to daily mass (at the college) thinking no one would show and it was packed full!

-Roads are closed except to emergency vehicles (or the random wife who feels it's a real emergency to drive to Kroger to get Cold-Eze b/c her hubby is trying to stay healthy and ward off anything that's developing. And she really wants to start her new job next week healthy too!!)

-Trees are snapping like crazy and everything outside is covered with a sheathing of ice.

-It has already rained all day, then turned to ice rain (again) and a big snow dumping ontop of the mess we had.

-So, Chris is napping, I'm doing laundry and our budget and getting ready to make some tea.

Anyone else for tea? Tea always calms the nerves and let me tell you, almost every hour I am praising the Lord for electricity and a heater.

God's peace,

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