Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Dropping my "Followers" widget

Ever since I posted the Followers widget in the sidebar it has bothered me. I've asked myself time and again, why? Why do I have that on there? For me, it borderlines pride and pride is not something I chose to contend with. So, I've removed it. I hope you understand, it's more for me, to keep me honest with myself and some of my personal blogging rules. Thanks!

We are having another snow storm...5-9 inches expected by tomorrow. Where are we going to put all this snow!!

Have a great day!



Farmgirl Cyn said...

We are seeing it here, for sure! Expecting anywhere from 6-10 by noon tomorrow.
I know what you mean about the "followers"! I keep mine there cause I'm just shocked to see who actually reads my stuff! What a hoot! Most of my "followers" don't comment, which is fine. (And I love linking over to them and seeing what kind of folks have stopped by!)

Mrs. Peterson's Place said...

Oh my goodness, I have never seen so much snow!!! It changes by the minute from large flakes (quarter size) to tiny sprinkles. Most everything is closed, so I'm finishing HW for an herbal studies class I'm taking.

I debated on that too Cyn, about linking over to see who has stopped by. I can still see the followers from my dashboard, but just don't have the widget on my front page. Hope you are doing well and getting around.