Saturday, February 06, 2010

Snow? Boy do we have snow!!

We have been having one big snow storm! Since yesterday about 3pm it has snowed more than 15 inches! That is the most the folks here have seen in over 20 years! Where does it all come from? I went out to help Chris shovel the rest of the driveway..for the second time and the snow comes almost to my knees. The piles on each side of the driveway where he has tossed the snow comes to my waist! Can you imagine making a snow angel in that!

So here is a few shots I wanted to share. The brown colored pictures were taken last night about 10pm, the rest I took this morning.

Our back porch, right outside the kitchen door.

The front yard, um er, what yard?

My garden. This was taken from the underneath porch, out from our basement door.

The front, um, front yard...somewhere out there. The road is out there too, it must be there somewhere!
Our trees in the back yard.

My husband has been blessed with strength and willingness to shovel the snow for us. I am so thankful. God is good to us, we still have heat and power.

The is from our second floor, out the window. I know, out the window! C took this one. We thought the chimnea looked funny.

And one of my garden, with the fence now down. The weight of the snow brought it down last night. :-( I know what I will be doing when this all melts.
Have a great day! I am, even amongst the snow and being housebound. We got out, shoveled some, posted here on my blog, going to make a hot lunch, and finish de-cluttering the basement.
I am blessed.

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