Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Fastest trip in the west!

We are flying back to NM this Friday. Leave Friday, come back Monday. Why would we fly back to New Mexico for 2 1/2 days you ask? Well we are celebrating my In-laws 50th wedding anniversary this Saturday. And what's cool is the WHOLE family will be there! (There's a couple surprise's so I can't say who just in case someone is reading this that you know who shouldn't know you know what!) :-) I just love surprises!!

I'm nervous. I have missed the southwest so much and I have allowed the Lord to work on my heart and change my passionate desires to move back there. I am willing to live where He wants me, and right now He wants me in Ohio. That may change soon, but for now this is where we are. I have hope in the Lord that if that's where we will move to when C graduates in May, then so be it. If not, please Lord, keep my heart in Your loving hands. I want what you want.

On the lighter side, my husband as BIG plans to go skiing Sunday...God willing, with Kim, his oldest daughter. He hasn't skied in over 25 yrs, so pray for them. I feel like all will go well, but just in case I'm bringing my homepathic kit for bumps and bruises. :-) The Lord helps those who help themselves, right?

See you next week!

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