Monday, February 15, 2010

My sweet Valentine!

It was so sweet.
I woke up to a great breakfast and a romantic setting in our living room. Check it out-

I helped a bit with the table cloth, but he did all the fixin's as we say in the south. It was so wonderful. No paper, no books, just us and a fire. :-)

My Valentine also wrote me a very sweet letter for my valentine card. I am not much for purchasing things, I like handmade. This was not only handmade, but handwritten. That's a keeper in my book!

For my morning prayers, I wished God a Happy Valentine's Day. He is the ultimate example of Love, for He loves you, and me, so much that He sent His Son to walk amongst us and die for us. For our sins. He deserves acknowlegement of the example He has given us.

Chris asked me to join him for World Marriage Day dinner at our church, which also happened to be Valentine's Day. It was great. Everyone in attendance got a blessing on their marriage. Then a lovely dinner and some witnesses about marriage...and how it's not all roses but it's worth it!

I hope your Valentine's day was grand.

Christ's Peace,


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FlowerLady said...

It sounds like you had a lovely Valentine's day, with a blessing on your marriage also. I have not heard of World Marriage Day.