Sunday, October 15, 2006

Ch ch ch changes...

I've stepped out of comfort zone and did something different. I've changed my blog to the new beta blogger. There isn't a whole lot new yet, except under my profile, my name "homemakersheart" is not showing correctly. Oh, well..I'll get that fixed somehow. I love that you can add things in the column and change colors. I've been wanting to change that for quite some time but didn't know how or where to look. I've removed the music too, started getting on my nerves..can only imagine what others feel.


As a family effort, we have all decided we are "Going Green". We want to be more environmentally conscious. Each week(or as close to that as we can) we are going to be taking small steps to help preserve the earth that God has given us to survive off of. Hubby and I agree, even if we are the only one's that do this in our neck of the woods, at least it is something. We can feel good that we are doing our part as best we can. I will be posting what it is each week we have started implementing towards Going Green. I hope you check back periodically to see what's new on our journey. Who knows, you may even consider joining in, even if it's just one thing...that one thing can go along ways if everyone did it.

I wish you God's peace.


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