Saturday, October 14, 2006

Pumpkin Patch

Every year, no matter where we are stationed, we have a tradition of taking the girls to a pumpkin patch and taking a fall picture. Well, today we went..and I forgot my camera! UGH! I have been assured we will go back in the next couple weeks to get my final picture. Yep, my youngest step-daughter is a Senior and plans on moving away to college next summer. So, this year was my last "tradition" of pictures at the pumpkin patch.

As I said this to Danielle while we were walking up the dirt road, I stuck out my lip to pout. She rolled her eyes and said "Mom, it's not like I'm dissapearing. I'll be home sometimes and we can go then." *Sigh*

Well here are the 3 we picked today. The tall cool one is my Honey's, and the white unique one is Danielle's, the bumpy one is mine. :-)

God's peace be with you~

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