Friday, October 24, 2008


We have an annoucement to make. Guess who is joing the Marine Corps?......

Our sweet loving little one...Danielle.
When she came home to share with us her decision we were a little surprised. Not totally shocked though.
Danielle has talked about this several years ago, when we moved back from Okinawa and she was going into high school. Now, after 3 semesters here at the private collage she (and her Dad) have been attending she is certain she is not ready for college and not college "material" if you will.
Her desire is to learn more about her self, push herself and develop self- discipline. Pretty smart for a 19yo (almost 20) who isn't sure what she wants to do with her life yet.
My hope and dream for her is to be successful at what ever she does. I love her and I will miss her terribly (empty nest thing is hitting hard right about now!), but I know the Lord loves her and will take care of her. More than I could ever try to.
I love when: I try to take her picture and she is so silly making faces. When she leaves, I get a big hug and a sigh. I hope she knows I love her too!!
Please pray for her. She signs the papers and the swearing in on Thursday Oct. 30th.
God's peace,
PS I just love eBlogger!! Argh. I don't know how the underline above keeps showing up and I have put spaces in several times and they just keep dissappearing when it posts. Sorry for the "one big"paragraph.

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