Thursday, October 09, 2008

Being grateful

Painting by Minerva Teichert

This evening I had the chance to entertain some friends that drove up from GA. As I was cooking in the kitchen I saw my husband and the couple on our back porch and found myself jealous. I thought "I want to be out there lounging too. I want to listen. I want to enjoy their company. But instead I'm stuck in here preparing dinner that I SHOULD have prepared most of it earlier." yatta yatta yatta! Complaining.

Then I got a question posed to me by the Lord. "Are you Martha or Mary right now?" Yeowch! I hung my head in shame.

I could see the whole story from the Bible in an instant. How Martha felt bitter towards Mary (not that I was bitter to my friend), how she grew impatient and angry because she wasn't getting the help she wanted. Maybe even some frustration because she was trying to have everything put together for a nice meal, and was doing it alone.

Once I recalled this and the part where the Lord says "Mary has choosen the better part," I realized my husband and family were enjoying the better part. Talking about the Lord in their life while I was inside preparing the food.

My heart instantly changed. How selfish I was. The Lord melted my heart and I got to change my perception to "I am so glad they are out there enjoying each other's company, and that I have the ability to prepare a healthy meal while they talk about the Lord." WOW!

That, ya'll, was only the Lord. My heart calmed down. The frustration and jealousy immediatly left. I was grateful. Grateful to serve.

Thank you Lord for teaching me. I am grateful to serve.

God's peace be with you,

Mrs. Peterson

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Prairie Chick said...

oh I love your heart! Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful story over at my place, it was such a blessing to see so many greatful hearts and hear all the great ways He has been blessing His children around the globe.