Saturday, October 04, 2008

Annual Family Pumpkin Patch visit

We have had a standing tradition since the girls were little. Each fall we would go to a local pumpkin patch and gift shop. They would bounce in hay or take a maze. In Georgia we got to go on a haunted hay ride, what a hoot that was!

Here we are for this fall. We were blessed to have Danielle with us. Nothing makes a mom's (or stepmom in my case) heart sore like your daughter holding your hand in public. Even at 19. Yep that was a keeper moment.

Chris waiting for us and watching little one's play in the hay.

Danielle and me, a treasured time.

Isn't she silly.

Chris' pick for our family pumpkin.

We have had white pumpkins, green pumpkins (when we were stationed in Okinawa), little pumpkins and bumpy pumpkins...but never a tall one. We shall see what he creates this year.

God's peace be with you...and Happy Fall!


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