Saturday, October 04, 2008

Family Reunion

After 22 years, the kids of the Love family got together. And what a time we had! We all flew in and spent several days together in So. FL. My half-brother had a time share. How exciting!

I wasn't raised with the 4 of them (one is missing) but the 3 that made it shared memories and I got to share my life too. Very awkward for a bit but things settled right in.

When it was time to go, I actually had forgotten about the "saying goodbye" part. And I started crying. After my half-brother dropped my husband and I off at the airport, I just broke down in tears. He has cancer and was in the midst of finding a new drug that would work. Praise God, he is in remission now.

My family (p.s. We are the last of the Love family as far as we know.):

The first moments after we all flew in.


My neice Lauren and I. We are the only 2 in all my Dad's kids and their kids that look alike. Wild huh?! She has a twin sister that looks like the Love family, I take more of the Gasaway family (yep we have deep roots in Iowa ya'll).

God's peace,


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