Wednesday, October 01, 2008


So, am I blessing me or my family?

Some people say taking a break to have a cup of tea or read for a short spell is selfish. "There is much to do", or you may hear "how do you have the time".

Each afternoon about 4:00 pm I take a break. The corner of my couch becomes my get-a-way. With a warm cup of my favorite tea, a small snack and an interesting book gives me a 30 minute get-a-way from my day.

I have often thought of this as self-ish, or there is one more thing I must do before I start dinner. How many times does that happen and we never take a break? Days...weeks...months..

As I sat down to snuggle in, I looked at the scene and thought "Am I blessing myself or my family by making myself take this time?" Both.

Sitting down for a bit, I am blessing myself since I get to refresh my body and mind. Taking tea, that part renew's my spirit. This is a great way to take care of my health or just to enjoy a sipping kind of tea. Reading a lovely book that interests me is a way to get my mind off the journey of the day. When my 30 minutes is up, I get up with a relaxed mind, body and spirit.

This is the part that blesses my family. Walking into the kitchen to make dinner with a calm mind and spirit creates the atmosphere of easing into the evening for my family. I am better prepared to go into the evening hours with the mindset that the day is winding down and I need to get my home and myself ready for tomorrow. My husband may come in and still be in the harried mode of "oh my gosh there is so much to do", but with my relaxed mindset, we are able to come together and enjoy a peaceful evening. Sometimes with a few giggles inbetween because we are in different modes.

I'm off. It's tea time!

God's peace,

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