Thursday, May 18, 2006

Old House

If this old house could talk...

Hubby being venturous. Notice the size of Mr. Homemakersheart by the house. He is 6 ft tall. The house is raised about 2 feet off the ground, there were steps in the back to get up in it. Old but beautiful.

Lovely hair day!! Tee hee hee, I love to do these kinds of shots. It's fun to see if they turn out. Hubby was talking to his dad. All is well and recovery is going good (not quick enough apparently). Thank you for all your prayers. I believed God listened as his recovery has been excellent.

Hubby and I went for a drive on Sunday. I wanted to take pictures of old barnes and homes. We got one, but a storm rolled in so off we went back home until another day. This home is here in south Georgia between Leesburg and Americus (45 min drive). I used to drive past it everyday and have always wanted to stop and see it. Now I have. I wish I would have taken pictures of the inside, but my mind was busy being concerned about hubby walking on the floor that was disintegrating. Yep, adventurous "Joe" here, walked on the beams on the floor so he wouldn't fall through. The inside was interesting. Much smaller than you would think from the picture. It is a 2 room house with a brick fireplace right in the middle. Facing the front (the pictures above) the right is the "living room/dining room" etc room, and the left is the sleeping area. We will be out and about again soon. So many barns I have fallen in love with since we have lived here are being over taken with vines and weather conditions.

Tip: never where cute girlie sandals while trucking through weeds to go barn lookin'



Marsha said...

I love exploring old buildings. I'm from Tennessee and if you go back into the hills you will eventually run into an old house of some sort or a graveyard. I like reading headstones.

FarmgirlCyn said...

That's a hard call to make: cutie girl sandals, or socks with grungy sneakers!!! Maybe keep a pair of grungy sneaks in the trunk???

Reflection Through The Seasons said...

Hello Dee.
What a happy picture of you and ‘adventurous Joe’. The barn looks a really interesting place and its huge. I have to admit to having a real fascination for old buildings, I find myself looking in wonder at them and trying to re-create the lives of the people who once owned them.

I took some pictures of an old barn when we were out on a walk recently I’ll have to look them out. and do a posting about them, none the size of yours though.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your comment plus the warm cyber hug, that was nice. Pleased you like the mountain stream, yes, its such a vibrant green up there, and that’s the true colour, I haven’t enhanced the pictures. Catch you with you again very soon Val.
Hugs - Marion