Friday, May 12, 2006

Yard sale find


I made out like a bandit last week at several yard sales. A new recliner for $25 (and the $$ went to a new Christian school opening), 2 bar-stool type chairs for $5 and 2 end tables for $5. As you can see the chairs got recovered and look very nice. The end tables still need some attention though. Hubby was still in New Mexico with his Dad when I went, tee hee hee. He almost died when I said I could fit all my "treasures" in my car, I had to come home and get the truck. LOL

Oh yeh, I also got a carving knife set...very old...for fifty cents. All the cutlery is still in the plastic too. It was the girls grandmother's set and she didn't want it anymore. Fifty cents!!!! And it's in the original box too. She must have been in the sun to long, but I bought it.



HomemakerAng said...

beautiful work!

Reflection Through The Seasons said...

Loved seeing your yard sale finds. Isn’t it exciting when you set out, you just never know what you’ll come home with. Pretty fabric you’ve covered your chairs with too.

I intend to show some pictures of the car boot sales I go to. Mindy (Peaceful Corner) & I were going to compare the two.

Pleased that you enjoyed the scenes of around my village. Its such a gorgeous time of year, I’m simply loving it.

Hope Dad & Father in Law continue to make good progress.

Love Marion