Sunday, May 28, 2006

Summer Hair styles

As the summer months heat up here in south Ga, I look for creative ways to pull my hair up. I learned this hairstyle from a woman I met a few weeks ago. After trying it and seeing how easy it is, I thought I would share.

I gathered my hair at the base then twisted it up like I was going to do a French twist, only a barrett is put at the top. There should be a "tail" hanging off. Fan the "tail" out so it covers that barrett then take the tips and tuck them back into the twist. Secure with a fancy bobby pin or small clip (like I've got). Hairspray and you are ready for your outing!

~Mrs. Peterson


HomemakerAng said...

love the hair style! love the new music too! Happy Memorial Day, off to bed for me now

homemakersheart said...

Thanks! It really is easy to do. I tried another today with a bun and a "tail" sticking out, but it ended up looking like I didn't pin it right and it was a mess. LOL! Oh well, that's what's great about trying new things..I can take it down and do something else.

Terri said...

How pretty! And cool! My hair isn't quite long enough to try this one yet!

The weather here in N. Georgia is getting unbearable - already!

FarmgirlCyn said...

Dee, you have lovely hair! Mine is just now long enough to get back in what my hair stylist daughter calls the "messy" updo. Ladies pay big bucks to get that messy look....and it always comes SO easy for me!!("messy" is what i do best!!)

Reflection Through The Seasons said...

Dee, you do have beautiful hair and that style is just perfect for a hot summer’s day. Your temps out strip ours by far. Too much for me, the heat just zaps my energy. Love - Marion