Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Basketry Artist?

One of my talents is weaving baskets. One that I have often put on the back burner because there is always something else that needs done. For the past couple weeks, the Lord has put weaving back on my heart...and everytime I turn around there is something literally in front of me to keep the ball rolling so I can start weaving. If nothing else, just for me.

Since hubby is very busy with school and work and my step-daughter is moved out and living on campus, I don't have much for me. I enjoy doing things with friends, but new location and I'm not one to rush out and make new friends quickly. Sooo, I love the idea of weaving and selling them at winter craft shows. This is so exciting because I've had great ideas about weaving in unusual things like turquoise pieces. I tried to make it a business years ago and got caught up in the paperwork and never really got to weave. This time, weaving first...one basket at a time. The rest will happen if the Lord wills it. I'm just finding something to give me a creative outlet and consume my time since I stink at housekeeping! (being honest here) To much time on my hands causes much upheaval.

Selling at craft shows is not new to me. When we lived overseas I sewed small quilts, dolls, bunnies and misc. craft things and sold them at various craft shows at all the bases on the island. That was so much fun, though hubby came in from work one day and asked if he could paste a picture of him in front of my sewing machine so I wouldn't forget him! Ouch! Needless to say I've had to learn balance.

God's peace~


Farmgirl Cyn said...

Would love to see some of your work, Dee. The idea of the turquoise pieces in there sounds awesome!
Things here are OK. God is good.

Lindsay said...

I would love to see your stuff too! And Lord willing if it develops into a business there are people like me who will do your paperwork for you :)