Monday, October 08, 2007

Time Out!

So I don't normally post deep things about me, but lately I have felt the desire. I'm not one to put myself out there so everyone knows "me".

As I journaled the other day I was exploring the thought: What I like, who I am, and what my values are. Every so many months it's good to evaluate this to keep me from being "all over the place", LOL!

Here's what I came up with.

What I like:
~early mornings outside with God
~having knowlegde of herbs and wisdom to help health
~making tasty meals - not in haste (except tonight ;-)
~having tea w/ a friend
~stars at night
~sunrise in the morning
~roughin' it - as long as I can boil water to wash my hair!
~country dancing
~basket weaving
~junkin' (flea markets, etc)
~using & growing herbs
~Antique shopping
~Sunday drivews in the country
~hometown, small, restaurants w/homemade food
~old, paid for vehicles
~an active member of Al-Anon
~grateful for Serenity when I Live and Let Live
~country at heart
~long skirts,boots, and a crisp white shirt & my hair tied back w/ a pc. of leather
~4x4 ing in the desert

Who I am
~a good woman
~a child of God
~a person that believes strongly in the motto "tread lightly" whether in recycle or clean up after yourself better than before you came (a Girl Scout thing.)
~an aspiring gardner
~someone who does not tolerate lying
~a daughter of an alcoholic
~a true believer
~a camelion- I can get along with every walk of life person
~a canary...ugh!!
~an avid - support the farmer's and local sml town store's first - before the big chains - even if I have to spend a bit more.
~a jeans & boots girl at heart - even though I'm trying to convert to skirts most of the time.

What I value:
~an honest relationship
~being treated like a person instead of the "stuff" on the bottom of your shoe
~true love - God's love
~To Thine Ownself Be True
~The principles & steps, Traditions of Al-Anon
~the fact that the Bible tells us that God gave us herbs for man's use
~quality time
~quiet space
~uncluttered living space
~time to write & journal & discover who I am :-)

Tag! If you are reading this consider yourself tagged, and if you don't have a blog...BJ, you can still post in the comments. Hugs!

God's peace to you on your journey today!

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Farmgirl Cyn said...

Dee, I like your lists! It gives a bit more insight into who you are...not just a few words and photos. I am somewhat careful about what I share with others. We are going thru some difficult times right now, getting custody, albeit temporary, of our 6 year old grandson. We will likely have him for a year or so, and it has put a great deal of stress in my life. Not everyone wants to hear such stuff, so I share discreetly.
Blessings to you.