Monday, October 29, 2007

A weekend getaway

This bush is one of those amazing creations by our Father. The intensity of red was almost blinding. In the center of the bush it was still green. Amazing!
C and me by the pond.
Right around the corner from where we were standing were this hydrangia's. C took this beautiful picture.
Weeeee! (All while I'm thinking OH MY GOODNESS! Is he CRAZY!)
The hills as we left. So beautiful what God can create. I'm always in awe.

Last weekend my husband and I went to a convention, the chose Antiochian Village for the site. It was so beautiful with all the fall colors, VERY cold since the wind was blowing most of the weekend. Late Saturday I ditched a workshop and rescued C from spanish studies (LOL) and we went for a walk around the grounds. How beautiful, the garden area, the pond with the swans. Then hubby decides to get his blood pumping and takes off running as fast as he can up this hill to a football field. As he disappears from my sight (I'm not that crazy to go to!) I knew he would be coming back down so I got the camera ready. Thinking he would be standing there and it would be a cool picture, no. He runs and JUMPS off the hill and comes running down as fast as his feet would go. I stood in amazement. I never knew a man's feet could go THAT quickly to prevent him from tumbling. So here is a few pic's from the weekend. I am recovering today from serious food poisoning, joy! Rice, red raspberry tea, and GSE to kill the bugger! Oh, hubby keeps touting "water! you need water!" So tea time all day today!

God's peace,



Mom2fur said...

I have this huge maple tree in the corner of my yard that turns bright, glowing yellow each year. Nobody paints 'em like God does, right? That red bush is amazing!
Thanks for visiting my blog! I'm glad you like my crazy coupon method, LOL!

Mom2fur said...

Hi, again. I hope the food poisoning is gone by now. Ginger lemon tea (Lipton makes some) is good, as is real licorice.
Feel better!

LauraS said...

Looks like you spent a beautiful day in the hills, surrounded by such wonders! That red bush is awesome!

Anonymous said...

What is growing on Dad's face????? I hadn't seen pictures in a while and i had to giggle... although i do like it better then the mustache only!!! Love you two!!