Thursday, October 25, 2007

Grain free bread

People always ask "what do you EAT!?" when they find out I don't eat dairy, wheat or sugar and right now it's all grains in general. Protein, vegies (lots and lots...hubby calls me a bunny rabbit) some beans and some potatoes, lots of nuts. So, I have to get creative. A friend back in GA eats very similar so we shared recipes and she gave me her "bread" recipe made from almond flour. It's just ground almonds, and oh so tasty!
The bottom pic is my "waffle" made with ground almonds and as usual, cinnamon with a touch of Earth Balance butter, yum! You have never seen a girl so delighted over a waffle before.
See, I do eat. A lot!
God's peace~


Farmgirl Cyn said...

Dee, Do you eat meat? There are some wonderful soups out there, using lots of veggies, but typically I use chicken stock as my base. This morning I am making an incredibly fragrant cream of mushroom soup (you could leave out the cream), but it does have a whole bottle of red wine in the stock!!! No worries, the alcohol cooks out, but leaves the flavor intact. This does not use chicken stock, but a homemade stock from veggies, dried mushrooms, and, water, and the wine.I cannot wait to have some for my lunch!
Did you see Ang had the baby????

Anonymous said...


i am just beginning a grain free diet. Do you have a recipe for the bread you showed a picture of? or any other?

thanks, Motria

shogikat said...

May I please have the recipes for the almond bread and waffles?
I can't eat any grains.

shogikat said...

May I please have your recipes for almond bread and waffles?

Marnie said...

Could you post your recipes for almond waffles and bread? I need some new ideas!!!!

Anonymous said...

Could you please email me your no grain recipes?
Thank you so much it is greatly appreciated, I didn't see them posted anywhere.
Thank you,