Thursday, October 04, 2007

Sunday Hike

This is the bottom of a tree stump, Cool huh! God is so creative.
Ah, the road ahead, we don't know what's down there but with God there is nothing to fear.
A creek filled with tiny fish.

My man!
Me, feeling odd that hubby was taking my pic. I'm always the picture taker.
Isn't this just amazing! The color was so neat.
We saw several little hairy critters like this.

Praise God! My health is good and I'm on a mission!

I have dreamed of hiking with my husband since we got married, though since we've moved so much and I was sick for several years the opportunity was never good. SO...last Sunday we went for our first hike. I am so excited I could bounce right out of my seat as I type.

We drove to Raccoon Creek State Park and I spoke to a ranger for a good starting point. They have 17 trails ranging from .3 miles to 20 miles. Whoa! guess what my 1st goal is! My ultimate goal is to hike, even just a few miles, the Applacian Trail. Then see some of the country my hubby grew up hiking in southern Colorado.

So now I'm looking into good hiking boots and a day backpack I can start carrying empty. This way I can build up stamina. Also I'm looking for snacks etc that don't have to be cooked. Anyone have ideas or suggestions? No dairy, wheat, soy or sugar. Yep it's a challenge, but God gives us challenges to continue to grow and seek His wisdom and guidance.

Isn't this exciting. You should have heard the bugs and the birds. Oh and the chipmonks! The gravel under my feet. The wind in the pine trees. I was thanking God for every step, even the one's where my behind burned from walking up hills. I was still walking, and outside.

I am so grateful Lord, for having my active life back. I cherish my health and my life, thank you!

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