Thursday, October 04, 2007

We have another wonderful addition

Tina, Danielle, and Mia, full of giggles!

I'm a bit behind in my post's, but that happens when you are still settling after a move. My kitchen is almost done though!

Last Sunday Danielle and Tina (Danielle's friend) came home for Sunday supper and brought a new guest. Her name is Mia. The girls are so great. We love to have them. Chris and I are already planning a big Thanksgiving for several, not all :-} , students. I think I'm learning what one of the reason's God has put me here. I know Chris is going to college, and so is Danielle, but I can provide a loving home with good homemade food for some of the students. It seems that this is a ministry I can do, and I enjoy it. (I also enjoy that they clean the kitchen after, lol)

Thanksgiving plans are already in the works. I'm on the hunt for a fairly large hormone free turkey since we are expecting more then a handful of students who aren't going home. Some have offered to bring a dish, there's a kitchen in the dorms, and I plan on taking advantage of that so I'm not cooking all day.

You know, I had an epiphany last Sunday after supper. When I was young I've always wanted a lot of kids so I could have big holiday suppers. You know, the kind where people are everywhere and it's crazy...but only for the day. Well, I've wanted that even when I got married and years later when we found out I couldn't have children I felt my dream was shattered. I am grateful to have raised 2 step-daughters, but no big family in the line up for me. Here in Ohio, I have been blessed with the opportunity to have my big "family" holidays. We can open our home to students whose families are too far away. What a blessing from God. He is so good to me, and I sit humbly at His service and in gratitude.

God's peace~

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Lindsay said...

How exciting. I know Thanksgiving will be a blast. Wish we could join ;)