Thursday, January 28, 2010

A giggle with Koda

One of the things I love about being home is that I get to enjoy fun things, especially having Boxers. They are known as the "clown" of the bunch, and yesterday Koda lived up to this.

He has an orange ball that we bought him for entertainment in the winter. I fill it with Cheerios and he rolls it around the house so a few will fall out and he gets the treat! Well, he has learned where I "keep" his ball, and any time the pantry is open (even just a bit) he helps himself to walking in and getting his orange ball, bringing it to me no matter where I am and dropping it at my feet. If I don't pay attention he picks it up and drops it again.

After he did his little stunt of opening the door yesterday, he brought me the ball and put it in my lap. I just had to laugh, so I gave in and he got his "entertainment". Only yesterday as he was batting it around (he would be a great soccer player!) his ball rolled over by Sasha, our little 5 lb, sleeping munchkin who if he is in "her space" she growls, barks and chases him off. It really is quite the site.

He was afraid to go get his ball. He groweld, and talked, and whimpered....from sitting next to me looking at her across the room. Mind you...she is sleeping. After 20 minutes of this, and I refused to help!, he got the courage to go around the house and sat in the living room a bit closer but still wouldn't go up to get his ball. He finally sat in the dining room about 4 ft from Sasha, still groweling and whimpering. He layed down then woofed at her, testing her to see if she would wake up. She did, only to go back to sleep. As he would inch closer he go the courage to reach out (unfortuantely I missed that shot) and he stood up ever so quietly to grab his ball then he ran like crazy around the house and came back through the dinning room to bring his ball to me. The whole thing, was so hilarious. I was so grateful to be home and get the great laugh!

Here are a couple of the pictures I did get:

Inch worm...

He got it!!

What a hoot! I just love my boxers!

Have a great day~

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