Friday, January 15, 2010

Treasures to me

In my post on Jan 1, I spoke of looking for a new tea pot that was made in the USA. I hadn't been able to find one that I could use on the stove, so I started to resign to the fact that my small pot has worked for the past 6 mths, so what's wrong with heating tea in a pot. I don't need a tea pot, right? Chris said, wrong! He did some searching and found a woman that had this tea pot. It's a Pyrex Flameware Tea pot, meant for stove tops. {insert big grin here}. And this is what he got me for my birthday:

I have such a loving husband! He did a great job searching and picking this out. I love it! It's perfect for us. It makes 6 cups and the lid is glass with little tabs that when rotated, lock the lid on. The handle never gets hot and it boils water just as quick as my stainless steel pot. Did I ever tell you how much I enjoy having tea? Click on the link to see.

This treasure is so neat. I ran across this broom at High Desert Home (she has a great blog by the way). At first I thought "that's weird, but in a cool kind of way". As months passed I noticed every time I got my grocery store special out to sweep with, I would dream of have a cool colorful broom. It may make sweeping fun! And lately, I'm all about bringing more fun into my life. So I went to the site and saw the price, no way. I'm not paying that. Some more time passed and this was still on my heart, so I went back to their site. I read the whole story about the company and the people that make them. Yes, you can really see the pictures of the people that make them. HAND MADE! Not in a factory somewhere in you know where. These people grow the materials, harvest it, dye it with non-toxic dyes, weave or braid them and earn an honest buck for their work. I like that. I am always willing to pay a bit more when I know the person that made it is benefiting directly. Kind of like Fair Trade.

And you know what. It works great! I've tossed my grocery store special that had severly frayed bristles and now own this beautiful pink and lime green broom by Sweep Dreams. I encourage you to check it out. Maybe you need some color and fun in your day to day sweeping. (No I'm not getting any money for this, but I am getting a lot of joy when I see it and use it.) It doesn't even go in my pantry, it hangs on the outside so I can enjoy it. :-)

I believe God gave each of us gifts to use. These people have great gifts and I feel blessed to have a treasure they made.

Wow! There is a lot of links today. I hope you enjoy them.

Christ's peace,


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