Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year!

A celebration...let's have some tea!

So did you stay up until midnight? I was fast asleep, until Chris came back into bed from taking the little dog out just before midnight. I woke up to hear the car horns going off and fireworks. I don't get much into the midnight thing since I've come to a place of acceptance that staying up past 10pm is "Harmful to my health". I say it tongue in cheek, but with a bit of sincerity.

Yesterday I started really contemplating about New Year's resolutions and came to the point that I realized, I don't like to make resolutions. Resolutiotions to me are great for a day or two then (insert sound of bomb diving here). I found a blog that she spoke of this too. She changed resolutions to goals. I like that. Goals. So I am making goals for 2010, not resolutions.

My goals for 2010 for now are:

* Going the whole year without buying anything from China. Believe me when I say, I will spare you the soap box lecture, not speech, lecture on why I've decided to do this. I will save that for a whole post someday. I've already met my first struggle with this. This week I started looking for a teapot made in the USA. A stove top teapot. After spending my free time for 3 days and speaking to a woman in Atlanta GA that owns a retail business for US made teapots, mugs etc, there is nothing made in the US that is stainless steel or even close. I had to resort to antique sites that sold Corningware or Pyrex that used to be made here. There is one glass one, the glass is made in Germany then sent here to the US to be completed. Hence, my first stumbling block. Do I want to buy ONLY US made products or just completely avoid "made in China"? I've decided to do the latter, but with conditions. If I am going to buy from another country I want to know if it's handmade, like Fair Trade, or someone has a legit. business and is selling the product here in the US. If it's mass made, stamped "made it X". I won't be buying it in 2010. Now C, can do what he wants. God made each of us with our own passions and desires to be pursued in our own life. I STRONGLY feel this way about this. Okay, so I've rambled on and scratched the surface about something that has gotten under my skin. Wonder why? Go in one room of your home. Go around and pick up anything, or several things. Read the tag or the stamp. Where is it made! Enough said.

*Second goal: Each night to write 3 blessings God has given me in my journal. I contemplate my day and look back at my behaviors and actions through the day. Going over my character defects and assests give me ground for working to make tomorrow different, should I be given the gift of another day. I feel writing 3 blessings down will also open my mind more to look for the blessings in things. Hmm, God is teaching, I'm trying to show up to be a good student.

*Third goal: Walking daily and some kind of strength work 3x a week. Even if it's a few basics on my ball at home, something 3 x a week along with walking. I haven't set a goal for how many miles yet. I'm still praying for God's will in this area and haven't gotten an answer. For now, I put one foot in front of the other and get out the door, or head to the mall to walk.

*and Fourth and final, I think: To garden smarter this year. Starting seeds inside, knowing what I'm planting and how to harvest AND preserve it, to harvest when it's ready not when I'm ready, to practice preserving, to save seeds for next year, to learn more about heirloom seeds, to learn more about composting (especially through winter. Any ideas?)

Hmm, I think this will carry me through until Christmas. What about you? Do you have any goals? I enjoy hearing about others so I can encourage them and see how they are doing. Encouragement is so important. God tells us to encourage each other while it is still today. He is such an awesome God, He knows what we need. My spirits need lifted and I always enjoy when someone encourages me. I hope I can do that for you as well.


Okay one more: to actually live my values. I never understood about values until a few months ago and upon making my list of things, it warms my heart and makes me feel confident to see my values on paper. Now, it brings me down to not live them. So, Fifth goal for 2010 is to live my values. :-)

Happy New year to you and may God shed His grace and blessings on you, One Day at A Time.


Farmgirl Cyn said...

Happy new year, Dee!
I will be looking forward to the post on why you will not be buying anything made in China. You have chosen a most difficult thing, as you have already found out! Unfortunately, our govt has chosen to be in tight with China right now, and they pretty much own us right now, with all the debt we have incurred. Reagan would roll over, wouldn't he???
I, also, do not have resolutions, except to love more, forgive quickly, extend grace and mercy where grace and mercy are not deserving, and to live each day as if it were my last. What a different world we would have if everyone could do these!

Homemaker Ang said...

DEE!!! we would love to meet you! you could even meet farmgirl cyn :) cool cool COOL!

Mildred said...

Stopping by from Susan's blog to wish you a very happy birthday!!!!! Enjoy.

SusanD said...

Happy Birthday to youuuuu! Hope you have a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious kind of day. Love you and blessings, SusanD

Greg C said...

Happy New Year and Happy Birthday. I just hopped over here from Susan's blog. I hope you have a great day.

gigi said...

Happy Birthday, Susan's sister!
Hope it's the very best!

lagirl/sweet tea said...

Happy Birthday!
I'm a blogging friend of Susan's and I wanted to pop by to help you celebrate your special day!

christy rose said...

Hi Dee! I love the idea of New Year's goals. That is so much better than resolutions. Who ever has anything resolved anyways? :) Except of course, that Jesus is Lord!

anyway, I just stopped over from Susan's to tell you happy birthday! I know it was yesterday. I was a bit late stopping by to visit her. But, Happy Birthday anyway. Hope you had a great day.

Reflection Through The Seasons said...

Hello Dee.....
Happy New Year to you and Chris. Like you, I didn’t stay up until midnight.... We’d had a busy day and I was tired, however, we couldn’t fail to hear the Church bells in the small Swiss town of Eglisau, loudly ring out the old year and ring in 2010 followed by a fine display of fireworks which I watched for a time from our bedroom window.

I have so enjoyed reading this post Dee and I agree with your views on setting goals rather than resolutions. I checked out the blog you suggested and found it quite thought provoking too. I like the way the writer has turned around the setting of her personal goals to asking God what He wants her goals to be...... for as you rightly say, He knows what we need and the changes we need to make in our life.

Belated birthday greetings Dee.

Blessings - Marion