Monday, January 25, 2010

Rested and Rejuvinated

Today I feel rested and rejuvinated. Sundays at our house are a day for rest and family time. Sometimes we have friends over for a big breakfast after mass, or coffee/tea and games in the afternoon, sometimes we even go for a bike ride at the Panhandle trail.

Yesterday we napped. It's what we usually do. So here's our typical Sunday: I get up at my usual time, about 5 am, and make tea and have my quiet time for reflection and Bible reading with the Lord. Chris gets up a bit later and I have a snack then we start getting around for mass. All 3 dogs are let out and if one of us has time they get fed, if not, well they won't starve in an hour.

After mass, when we walk in the door one of us yells "Sunday clothes" then we run upstairs to change into our clothes for most of the day...sweats and a fleece sweatshirt, for C a t-shirt, warm socks and house shoes (or for some of you folks, slippers), Then we go down and Chris makes us a big breakfast: pancakes or waffles, and bacon maybe an egg or two. After cleanup we either read, or lately Chris has a puzzle of the Last Supper he is working on, then a nap. Usually a 2 hour nap. Lazy? No! Restful. We are called to rest on Sunday, the Commandments weren't given to us for nostalgia!

I don't have these anymore but I think they are fun!

The rest of the day is reading or going for a walk. Then dinner or phone calls to family then dinner. By now it's after 7 and we start to talk about the week and what each of us has going on. Sort of an impromtu family meeting. We've always had family meetings on Sunday evening, but since the kids are gone, it's pretty simple. Simple is good.

Keep it Simple and Live in is Monday!


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