Friday, January 15, 2010

Trip to Amish Country

About every 6 weeks I take a trip up to Amish country to get our chicken, and shop and a couple different bulk food stores up there. It's usually a day trip, so yesterday Chris took the day off and went with me.

When ever we go driving I grab my camera, I never know what I will see along the way. This is what we saw yesterday:

This barn has one of the Barn Quilts on the side. I think they are so neat.

This is Tappan Lake, that is frozen!
Here is another of the lake, you can see the whole thing is frozen across to the other side. Little tiny feet prints were scattered here and there in the snow in top,

Aren't these icicles just amazing! I dont' understand why folks here BUY icicle lights to hang from their house, and then REAL icicles form over the top of them. I just have to laugh and shake my head, I don't get it buy hey, it's not mine to get, right?!

This one is special to me. For some reason I really enjoy seeing covered bridges. These bridges hold a special place in my heart. Last time I drove through, there was a lot of Amish men who were in the process of building this one. It's finished. I've never gotten the priveledge of seeing one be built then later see the final product. I hope they dated it like so many of the other beautiful one's I've seen. Isn't it grand! To think something so simple can be so beautiful and useful. Hmmm, maybe that's why it appeals to me. I like beautiful, useful and simple.

Which reminds me, I have to get off the computer and do a 28 thing fling (declutter my desk in layman's terms) and get to my creative project today.




Catherine Anne said...

Thank you for stopping in and following my blog. Wonderful to meet you. You too have a new follower...

FlowerLady said...

How wonderful to be able to visit Amish Country, even in winter. There is a peaceful serenity and it is very calming. Thanks for sharing your photographs.